Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just do the same thing as SAN Fusion with disk images on my Xsan for free?

No. Disk images can only be mounted by one user at a time. SAN Fusion virtual workspaces are not only multi-user read and write, but they allow Avid Media Composer to work as if it were on Avid shared storage. Disk images mount as local volumes and Avid Media Composer behaves accordingly. So while you can use disk images to allow Avid to work on Xsan, you can't share on Xsan.

Will I still be able to use my Xsan with Final Cut Pro and/or Adobe Premiere Pro?

Absolutely. Just continue using Final Cut and/or Premiere with Xsan in the same manner you always have.

Does SAN Fusion support Macintosh clients connected to StorNext metadata controllers?

Simply put, yes. If your Macintosh clients use Apple's Xsan filesystem client to connect to your StorNext volumes, SAN Fusion won't know the difference between it and a volume hosted by Mac OS X metadata controllers.

Does SAN Fusion work with other shared storage solutions like Promise's VTrak A-Class Series, Scale Logic's HyperFS or Blue Whale's Clustered file system?

For our initial release, we chose to focus on Xsan and StorNext because of our extensive knowledge and exposure to those filesystems. However, starting with SAN Fusion 1.5, we added support for NFS-based Workspace Repositories when using certain NAS appliances that we had qualified.

If you are an end-user or developer of another shared storage platform and would like to see SAN Fusion work with it, please let us know. We are always interested in expanding our horizons.

Which NAS appliances have been approved for use with SAN Fusion?

Right now only the Panasas ActiveStor, solutions powered by Open-E Data Storage Software V7 and the QNAP TVS-871T-i7-16G have been qualified for use with SAN Fusion 1.5.4 and later. The individual specs vary by appliance, network speed and number of connected users. We typically try to connect users setting up new systems with VARs who specialize in M&E or have them speak directly with the manufacturer.

Please keep in mind that other solutions may work but only these appliances' NFS stack have been tested. In the event you have a problem, and you are not using one of the approved appliances, support may not be able to help you.

For those individuals who want to evaluate SAN Fusion with their existing NAS appliance, our user manual calls out some generalized NFS settings to be used that you can find here.

Does SAN Fusion support DirectFlow® for Mac®?

At this time, SAN Fusion only recognizes Panasas PanFS volumes when mounted over NFSv3.

Update: Panasas' Systems Engineers have contacted us and we hope to have full support for PanFS volumes using DirectFlow in the near future.

Does SAN Fusion work with Open and/or Active Directory?

If your Mac is properly bound to Active or Open Directory, SAN Fusion can work just as easily with those users and groups as local ones.

Is SAN Fusion Windows compatible?

‚ÄčAt this time no. SAN Fusion is Mac-only.

How much does SAN Fusion cost?

Call 1-855-694-2500 or email for pricing & details.

Does SAN Fusion offer subscription based software licensing?

No. SAN Fusion uses a Perpetual software licensing model where the customer pays for

  • The Software usage license up-front
  • An annual maintenance based % of the original license fee

However, a Subscription based licensing model would be considered if there was a high demand for it.

Can SAN Fusion be used in conjunction with an existing Avid Unity or ISIS?

No. There are several known issues when attempting to use SAN Fusion alongside of an existing Avid Unity or ISIS. It is strongly recommended that the Avid Unity Fibre Manager, Avid Unity Connection Manager, and/or Avid ISIS Client Manager software be uninstalled before evaluating or using SAN Fusion in production.

What types of support are available?

When an Avid Media Composer issue is reproducible on local storage, independently of SAN Fusion, Avid will be your main point of contact.

When an issue is directly or indirectly related to SAN Fusion (meaning it only happens or occurs when using the SAN Fusion application or its workspaces), we offer support in the following way:

  • E-mail support during regular business hours for 1 year is included in the purchase price

What are regular business hours?

Regular working hours are Monday through Friday (except for federally observed holidays) 9am to 5pm, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

What type of support do you offer specifically for Xsan or StorNext?

SAN Fusion, LLC does not offer Xsan or StorNext support directly, but our value added reseller Chesapeake Systems does. Email us at and we will have one of Chesapeake's representatives contact you to explain their support model and associated fees.

What is your refund policy?

You can test and evaluate the software thoroughly before placing an order. For this reason we have to assume that an order is binding after you have decided to purchase a usage license and the associated registration key. Because the license is an intangible product, no return is possible. However, potential faults on our side are excluded from this policy.